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Readings with Nancy are like having a conversation with your best friend. The atmosphere is relaxed and easy going.

Preparing for Your Reading

Before the reading, please prepare a list of the questions you want answered during your reading.  Sessions can be intense and emotional. Without a prepared list, people often forget to ask important questions they wanted to ask.

Ask any Question

You may ask any question you want about your life, another person, your career, or any other subject.You may also ask to contact someone who has crossed over. Before the reading please invite the deceased person(s) you wish to contact to attend the reading. Tell them you want to hear from them. Ask them to come forward during the reading and make contact with you. Many times reluctant spirits just need an invitation to appear.

Just as people have different personalities in life, they have different personalities in death. Some come in like a faint whisper as they fade in and out trying to keep contact. Other dead people come in clear, strong, and aggressive.

Often, two spirits will come in at the same time and speak at the same time. Their individual information will overlap until the stronger spirit dominates and only their message comes through. For this reason give the medium time to work with those who are trying to come through. Sometimes the dead person comes in right away and sometimes they need a little coaxing and will come in at the end of the reading.

Communicating with a dead person who spoke another language  is no problem for a medium who does not speak the same language. Mediums communicate with dead people through a form of mental telepathy so there is no language barrier.Pets often make contact and talk to mediums through mental telepathy too.

Although it doesn’t happen often, the specific person you wish to hear from may not make contact. The choice to communicate, or not, belongs to the person who has passed. A medium cannot force a dead person to communicate.

It doesn’t mean they don’t love you if they don’t make contact. It just means that they are probably busy at the moment or have moved on to other opportunities. Be glad for them. You may hear from them later.

Remember, readings on television are edited. Viewers only see short snippets of selected information broadcast. Not even the most famous expert Medium is ever 100% accurate. The very best Mediums are correct 70-90 percent of the time.

Use the online booking calendar to schedule and pay for your appointment. All readings are paid in advance. You will be called within ten minutes of your scheduled appointment time. No refunds. ( Readings may be cancelled and refunded less a $60 fee if cancelled 24 hours in advance.)
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