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                                                                                               By Nancy Marlowe

certified psychic mediumIf you have been disappointed in the past, you are not alone.  Finding an authentic medium can be difficult.


As illustrated in the movie “Hereafter,” starring Matt Damon, a little boy wants desperately to make contact with his dead twin. He pours over the internet, goes to local demonstrations, and visits many proclaimed mediums. Unfortunately, the little boy continues to be disappointed time after time by fraud, and lack of skill. At last, the little boy has a reading with an authentic medium who is able to make contact with his brother.

finding an authentic psychic medium

Happily, communicating with his dead brother brings the little boy great comfort and relief to know his twin survived death.

How exactly did the medium, Matt Damon, provide evidence to the boy that his brother survived death? During the reading, the dead boy spoke through the medium about something very personal that had happened between the two brothers. No one else but the two brothers knew about this experience. There was no way the medium could have known about this private experience, but yet he brought it forth during the reading.

Hearing such private, detailed information let the boy know that he had really had contact with his dead brother. Details of his private personal experience proved authenticity of the medium and life after death to the boy. Making contact with his dead brother brought peace to the brother left behind.

Evidential Mediumship

Good mediums report facts. They report specific details about the deceased. This is called Evidential Mediumship.

Evidential details may include names, physical descriptions, personality traits, cause of death, personal experiences, events, relationships and hobbies.

clear reading

Some evidential details are so personal that no one else knows these details but the dead person and the bereaved.

All spirits communicate differently. They have their own individual personality just like living people do. Some dead people show up laughing. Some are pushy and some are very quiet. They almost whisper. Some dead people tell you their name, and some dead people talk about the time they smoked pot and nobody knew but you. People who cussed a lot in life will often sound cuss like a sailor during a reading.

Just as spirits communicate differently, mediums communicate differently. Don’t expect a medium to read the same way another medium reads. Just like spirits are individuals, so are mediums. All mediums read in their own style. One medium may report names, while another medium may report physical descriptions and cause of death. The spirit controls the reading and what they want to communicate..not the medium and not the client.

Some mediums, called Trance Mediums, can assume the manners, voice, and personality of the dead when they are channeling. This type of evidential demonstration is very heartwarming and comforting to a client.


Mediums are Psychic, but Psychics are not Mediums

finding the right medium

Only a medium can access the high level of consciousness needed to receive information from both the living, and the dead.

Mediums have the ability to answer questions about all areas of life.

Since mediums can access information from many levels of consciousness, they can gather information about any subject.

Psychics are limited in their ability to access information since they cannot reach the higher level of consciousness needed for all types of information. They cannot communicate with the dead.

 The Benefits of a Good Reading 

People seek help from a medium for many reasons.

A good reading can answer questions concerning career and finances, dating and relationships, business negotiations, legal matters, and life after death. Seeking advice from experts is the wise thing to do in any situation. After all, when your happiness is on the line, you want the odds in your favor.

 Top Psychic Mediums

The very best Psychic Mediums are consistently 70-90% accurate.That’s really good odds. Even the most highly paid athletes in the world do not perform with this degree of accuracy.


know your intuitionRemember you are born intuitive. So don’t hesitate to use your own sixth sense for guidance. Have faith in your gut instincts and that little voice you hear inside your head. This is your intuition at work trying to guide you in the right direction.


           How to Find a Good Medium

Use your own intuition first and if you need additional guidance, contact an authentic Medium.

To find one, do your homework by seeking word of mouth referrals, credentials, and affiliations with respected organizations. Choose not only the Medium with the best credentials, but the one you feel drawn toward.

Love and light always,

Nancy Marlowe – Certified Research Medium

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