Loss, Love and the Afterlife

By Nancy Marlowe



“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there is a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.” ~Helen Keller

As a practicing Medium, death is a part of my everyday life.

Spirits linger near me hoping to reach someone they left behind. My loved ones on the Other Side are still with me. They guide and comfort me through routine daily life. They protect me, love me and have conversations with me about times we shared when they were living on earth. Clients seek me out wanting to hear a word from their loved ones on the Other Side.


Yes. Death is very much a part of my everyday life. HOWEVER, so is life. Even though it is hard sometimes, it is also happy and delicious. I love this physical life!

The two states of being, life and death, are naturally inseparable. People live. People die. People live. People die. That’s the way it is.

This cycle of living and dying is known as the circle of life.

But the Truth Is…People Never Really Die

People are eternal beings. We are souls first and foremost. All souls are eternal.

It doesn’t matter in what dimension our soul self is located at the moment. We will always exist somewhere as the soul that we are.

Finding Comfort After a Loss

Even though I am a Medium and I deal with life and death every day, I profoundly felt the loss of my parents

I was heartbroken to lose them. In fact, my life has not been the same since they died. I miss their physical presence. I want them here with me. It has been over twenty years since they died, but it seems like only yesterday to me.


I find comfort in their visits with me.

When I get lost, my father helps me find the way home. I hear his voice and sense he is near. I feel him place a reassuring hand on my shoulder and my anxiety eases because I feel safe.

When I need my mother, she is there for me too. She had a funny little laugh that made you want to laugh too. Although she was ill much of her life on earth, it is her laughter I hear now. Mama is always with my daughter and does not leave her side. She has protected her from harm many times.

How long did I grieve when they passed away? Well, I probably never stopped. It is just easier now than it was at first because I am comforted by their spiritual presence and I know they are happy.


Grief is Different for Everyone

Over the years, I’ve found that grief is different for everyone.There is no time period for grief. It doesn’t matter how long it took your next door neighbor to grieve or how long statistics show is a “normal” amount of time to grieve.

Grief is an individual process each person goes through in their own time, and in their own way. The amount of time needed is the amount of time that is right for you.

Love Lives On

Since my job and desire is to help bring relief to those who have suffered a loss, I’m always happy to refer a special book which may help bring comfort to those left behind.

“Love Lives On,” by Louis La Grand, is such a book.

“Love Lives on” is a book of comfort, hope and inspiration not only to those who are mourning the death of a loved one, but to anyone who is seeking to connect at a higher level with the presence of a greater Universe.

Through the use of true personal stories about life after death, Grief Counselor Dr. Louis La Grand seeks to bring comfort to the bereaved. I found these personal stories to be touching, and even awe inspiring, as each one unfolds to gently teach us, “Death is a door, not a wall.”

The moving stories are told by real people from everyday life who have experienced what Dr. La Grand calls an Extraordinary Encounter. EE’s are visitations from a deceased person to people who are still living.

Throughout the book, “Love Lives On”, Dr. La Grand gives examples of beneficial actions that can be taken by a mourner to overcome grief.

And although the book seeks to primarily address comforting the loss of a deceased loved one, the recommendations for beginning a new life after a death is applicable to many types of loss; including loss through divorce, loss of friendship, loss of lifestyle and so on.

What I found most interesting about the book was the unexpected discovery that the book is chockfull of advice to anyone who wants to eliminate negativity, in any form, from their life. LaGrand fills the book with sound suggestions for leading a more spirit filled, positive thinking, and open minded, joyful lifestyle.

Dr. La Grand is a master teacher who gives the reader easy to follow, step by step instructions about how to move forward and leave loss behind. Having worked as a teacher and counselor myself, I found that “Love Lives On” is especially inspirational and motivating to any person who wants to build a better life.

“Love Lives On” is a book of wisdom to keep on your shelf for reference as it seeks to bring peace, and love, to a suffering heart at a time of great need.

At the core of the book, remain the highly intimate stories of people whose lives have been changed for the better through personal encounters with the dead.

Each inspirational story relates how the person who experienced the EE came away from the visitation with a new outlook, an inner knowing that we are never alone, and a heartfelt realization that we are all one.

Additionally, many of the storytellers go on to say that their EE experience changed not only their lives, but the lives of people who they told of their Extraordinary Encounter with the dead.

An important point the reader learns from these stories is this: A single visitation from a deceased person can create a “domino effect” of love. As the story is told over and over, it spreads a comforting message of love from one person to the next; thereby enriching the life of not just one person, but of many.

Storytellers in “Love Lives On” went on to say they felt extremely fortunate to have “heard from” their deceased loved once again. They found that after their EE experience old hurts and issues were dissolved; peace was brought to both the deceased and the living because these old wounds were healed by the visitation.

Amazingly, many times the visitations were from a deceased person who did not believe in an afterlife.

In addition, the EE’s not only healed past hurts, but gave comfort to the mourners in knowing that their loved ones were not really gone from them. Furthermore, the grieving person felt the visitation was a gift of love from the departed because it clearly demonstrated to them that love never dies.

The importance of the personal stories is amplified for the reader when each storyteller goes on to say that their encounter with the dead significantly decreased the pain of their loss and helped immensely in their grief recovery.

In summary, Extraordinary Encounters offered “proof” of continued life to the storyteller by demonstrating to them that their loved one continued to live on in another realm. This newfound knowledge gave the mourner a sense of comfort and peace of mind, with the realization that love is eternal and never dies.

Most of all, the title of the inspirational last chapter sums it up best, “You are Loved Forever.”

Nancy XXO
Certified Research Medium

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