I am a native Texan. My home is in Houston, Texas. Although I live in Houston, I visit San Diego four or five times a year to see clients.

Texans are strong, independent, practical people. I grew up where straight talk and keeping your word was what people did. Helping your neighbor was a way of life.

My strong southern accent comes from Deadwood, Texas. It’s a place so small; it’s not even a town. The outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde, used to roam these parts. In fact, when I was growing up, I heard stories about them from my relatives who knew them.

My grandmother was raised in a one room house with a mud fireplace. She grew up picking cotton. Under five feet tall and weighing less than 90lbs, she earned 25 cents a day working in the hot Texas sun, dragging a burlap sack bigger than she was behind her. Maybe that’s why she ran away and got married at age twelve.

My grandpa made moonshine. That’s what everybody in the Piney Woods did. Making moonshine was the only way to earn a living …such as it was. Now many people live off oil and gas royalties.

I remember being little, sitting on the front porch of my grandmother’s house, eating butter beans and cornbread. Life was good at her house. I had no idea we were poor. I just knew I was loved. And that is what counted.

My maternal great grandmother was full blood Cherokee. My paternal great grandmother was full blood Comanche. The rest of me is mainly English and French. I am proud of my mixed heritage. It makes me feel deeply connected to all people…everywhere.

Married as a teenager, I didn’t go to college until I was forty years old. I was the first person on both sides of the family to graduate from college. The whole family claimed bragging rights. My mother and father were my biggest fans. Both passed away before I graduated magna cum laude. If my mother and father had been alive, the neighbors would have never heard the end of it.

Psychic ability runs in my family. As a child, I could see spirits and orbs. My sister is also gifted. So is my daughter. And my brother sometimes picks up information, although he won’t admit it. Unfortunately one of my male ancestors was hung for his outstanding and accurate abilities. Thank goodness times have changed!

Telepathic, it was easy for me to understand what people were thinking and planning. This ability often came in handy. Still does.

I was always precognitive. I thought everybody else was too. It didn’t take long to find out they weren’t. As a child, I kept what I knew to myself so people didn’t think I was weird.

I was saved from death by an Angel.  

In the fall of 1997 my car was slammed into by a Brink’s armored truck.    It took me almost two years to recover. And that was a miracle all by itself…me recovering. Doctors said I should be dead. They don’t understand how I lived. They said it was impossible.

Spiritual mail carrier”
– John Edward

However, I sensed an angelic presence draw near me. The huge, masculine presence protected me, stayed with me, and told me in a strong, reassuring voice that I would be just fine. And that’s what happened. I am just fine. Even better than I was before.

My Friend, I have to tell you. I never believed in Angels at all. I thought they were just a pleasant fairy tale. But when I needed help the most, an Angel appeared out of nowhere and saved my life. He stayed with me for two years and comforted me when I felt I could not go on. He gave me hope and never left my side. Then one day, just like that, he was gone. His job was done. I was healed.

My psychic abilities have been magnified many times over since the accident.

Not long after I recovered, I received an after death message from Rick Husband. He was the Commander of the space shuttle, Columbia, which exploded mid-air upon entrance to earth. I was kin to him by marriage.

Psychic Medium John Edward wrote about my experience in his bestselling book, “After Life; Answers from the Other Side.”

Over the years I’ve worked as a Psychic Matchmaker, a Psychological Profiler for corporations, a Psychic Detective, and a Forensic Psychic Medium helping doctors pinpoint cause of death.

Happy and loving what I do, I feel blessed. Life is good.

I love you.
Nancy XXO


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