Sensing Spirit

By Nancy Marlowe


ask-nancy-homeDo you ever long for peace of mind, less anxiety and a knowingness that you can handle anything?

I do.

I get a little lost sometimes. I guess we all do. But I’ve found “something” that helps restore my balance and gives me great comfort.

What is this amazing “something that restores my soul?”

It is a divine presence that is always with me.

Finding Inspiration

This divine presence brings balance into my life. It lets me know I am not alone and I have help. It lets me know there is a natural order to things. But most of all, this presence helps me trust the invisible laws of the Universe and nature.

How does an invisible presence inspire hope, peace, comfort, love, balance, and joy? It does this by helping me remember all the important things.

You see, this divine presence reminds me I am a Soul living in a body on earth.

Finding Peace

sensing presence

When I pause to remember who I truly am, peace quietly envelopes me.

My worried mind becomes calm, the muscles in my tense body relax, and a Zen like peace permeates my whole being.

Sure. We all have moments when we become tired and we need inspiration. Different reasons can bring on the need to refresh your spirit. Maybe, it has been a long, hard day. Maybe our best friend is ill. Maybe nothing has happened at all, at least nothing we can put our finger on. We just know we long for revival.

And it is at times like this that we feel a yearning to connect with something greater than us. You know what I mean; we hunger to be near a greater force than we are. We long for something, or someone, who protects us, hears us, wants us to be happy.

What is that special something or someone you and I long for?

It is the same invisible presence that man has talked about, created religions around, and found comforting for centuries. Man has many names for this divine presence. It is the divine presence I sense near me. The same one that is near you too.

How do you connect with this remarkable, loving presence?

little-bookOne of my favorite things to do is keep a personal book of inspiration. It’s a book filled with prayers, devotions, quotations, photos and poems which I’ve collected over the years.

This book is very special to me.

It is old and tattered from years of use. Lovingly touched, some of the pages are crumpled and torn. But it doesn’t matter to me what the book looks like. I love it anyway. It is one of my “treasures.”

In fact, because the book is well worn and used, it is much more loved and precious than a new, unused book would be. It has become my “Velveteen Rabbit.”

My little book has become a part of me. It is my friend and companion. It oozes pure love. It is the “one who hears me”, and “the one who lifts my heart.” It draws me closer to the divine presence.

So as you can imagine, I carry my friend with me when I travel. I put it beside my bedside when I sleep. This little book is my constant companion.

Sometimes I read a poem or two before I drift off to sleep. Often, I open it in the morning to help me start the day right with love, and hope in my heart.

One of my favorite poems is below. It is included in the little book I keep by my bedside.

I wish I could say I wrote this beautiful poem, but I can’t. I discovered it in a magazine which did not include the author’s name. It merely said “Anon.”

Great Scared Presence


Great sacred presence,

May I always behold your beauty.

May I always hear your voice.

May I find your hand print on all that is whole and good.

May the beauty of the Earth speak to me of you.

May I live to bring the teachings of peace, family, and connectedness to all people.

May your heart beat in my chest.

May your voice speak through my lips.

This is my constant prayer.

So, to “Anon,” thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your words are with me every day. You make me happy. You give me peace.

I love you.

Nancy XXO

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